What happens if the sky is bland for your Real Estate Photo shoot?

What happens if the sky is bland for your Real Estate Photo shoot? Well if you have a real estate photographer worth the money you are paying them, no one will ever know. It is not a misrepresentation of a property to spruce up the sky in the image and add some punch to it. Below you can see the image as it came out of my camera. Not impressive in the least.

If you ask me, the image below is much better. To be clear, it is the same image, I have just brought it to life. What has been done here is commonly referred to as a sky replacement. I have also added contrast, sharpening and cropped the image in just a bit to arrive at the final result.

As a side note. Adding contrast tends to saturate colors. I am noticing while I type this up, that I should probably dial that down slightly. It is looking a bit juicy here, but this is just for demonstration not a client so, I am going to be lazy.

I am not a very good teacher so I wont waste your time by trying to fumble my way through teaching you how it is done. If you are interested in learning this technique just search YouTube for, "sky replacement in photoshop", and you will find no shortage of decent tutorials.

Real Estate Photography - Sky replacement

If you are rushed to get you real estate listing up and going and the weather just is not on your side. Ask your photographer if they can do sky replacements. Most good ones can, and do not charge a ton to do it. If your photographer can not, or comes back with images that make you what to put the grey skies up instead. Find a new photographer!