The Difference a half an hour can make in Real Estate Photography

I don't know that it matters to anyone else in the real estate world, but to me shooting a property in the right light is a big deal. Take these to images for example.

Real Estate Photography for 218 CRESTVIEW RD 10 Kapalua, Hawaii 96761

This is a nice real estate photograph worthy of the MLS and I personally have no issue delivering this to a client.

What I would rather deliver to a client is the image below.

Real Estate Photography for 218 CRESTVIEW RD 10 Kapalua, Hawaii 96761

Some agents think that I would rather they purchased this for the little bit extra money but that is not why. I am highly confident that when someone scrolling through dozens and dozens of listing will see this image stop, and that is the goal. Get them interested enough to click on the details and contact the listing agent. As a real estate photographer, that is my job. To get you in touch with potential buyers through images.

Sure, these photographs cost a little more than the standard shot. I think the cost increase is justified just by the stopping power alone. However, the real reason for the cost increase is not the drama of the photograph. The reason is the time it takes to create an image like this. There is only a small window of time where the light is just right and you can only shoot one property per day with this effect. As photographers we have a pretty good idea of when that will be but, it is an educated guess more than an exact science. Overall this one photo might take as long as the rest of the shoot just waiting for the moment. In this case I waited an extra half an hour after the rest of the photos where done.

Is it worth the extra time and expense? I think so, but you be the judge.